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About Suddenly Smitten

Hello! I'm Amy. Welcome my little corner of the world.
Take a seat, let me just brush off the pet fur first...
Suddenly Smitten is a blog and online shop that features my love with crafts, pets, home and garden.
I hope you find something to make you smile.
I live in a little house in the Northwest side of Chicago, in a neighborhood called Jefferson Park. Well, technical MY side of the street is Forest Glen and the OTHER side of the street is Jefferson Park. Both neighborhoods are lovely, if I do say so myself! 
And in my little house lives my husband, Joe, and our five (yes FIVE) pets. 
I started working on Suddenly Smitten after deciding to leave my job with a small software company based in Boston. There were many highs and lows over the 13 years I spent with the company, but the last two years were hard. Really hard and really stressful and I really didn't balance my work and personal life very well. So I decided to leave that phase of my life and start on some new adventures.
Along with Suddenly Smitten, I'm working on a start up called Bounce English which offers online English as a Foreign language resources and online courses for students and teachers.
Check us out!
Here's Joe, in comic form.
And now for our menagerie...

Text and images copyright 2017 by Amy Swanson

This text may include Affiliate Links. All content is the opinion of the author.

This is me!

Bender - Easter dinner garbage is the most delicious.


BlackJack - One fang, bad leg, chronic sinus problems, but one handsome devil.


Fry - He's a baby (despite what you say!)


Mable - foundling added to the menagerie.


RIP Blakely - Passed away August 2017. 20+ years old! He was the best bad boyfriend around!

Yeah, I never got those pancakes.
But I got this wonderful memory instead!
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